Dear Children's Workers!

We enjoy developing Bible-lesson-centered craft projects for children. It is a joy to contribute to sharing THE LIGHT of THE WORD with children in ways they will remember. That is our prayer and hope. We are thankful for our Lord Jesus and for those who pray for us and give financially so that children can hear THE WORD and be encouraged to follow Jesus faithfully.

We would suggest donations of 7 US dollars or 5 Euros for each project, lesson or message.

God bless you in your serving Christ with children. Let THE LIGHT of the world shine brightly! 

Mark & Becky

Only donations in U.S. Dollars in North America via credit card:

7 $ 21 $ 35 $ 50 $ 100 $ 200 $
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U.S. tax deductible receipt donations:

Make a check out to "D.M. Stearns Missionary Fund", P.O. Box 1578, North Wales, PA 19454-0578. Designate funds on a separate note for “Mark & Becky Bryan – DMSMF #494". If you would like to become a monthly supporter you can also authorize your bank to do a pay direct or pay on line service for sending checks. 


Nur Euro Spenden / Donations / EC (European Union):




IBAN   : AT 22 11000 158 1032 1800